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Update is a club for everybody who loves computers, in Uppsala and the whole world. We do stuff with computers of all kinds, be it hardware, software, modern computers, historic computers, different architechtures, Unix/Linux, multiuser systems, programming and other things.

Our premises at Polacksbacken is called T-salen (as in terminal room) and this is where you can hang out, drink coffee, eat, listen to music, study, and – naturally – fiddle with computers. On our terminals you can log into our own servers, or those of the IT department, and you are very welcome to sit back in our beautiful orange couch (of circa 1971) and use your own laptop.

We also arrange lectures and exhibitions, work on various projects, and we have a large collection of new and old computers, components, documentation and software.

Updatering: "How I ported Space Invaders to a video game console from 1978" by Bjarni Juliusson (Update)
Bjarni walks us through his recent port of the arcade classic to the Philips Videopac, a second-generation video game console. He explains the hardware limitations and shows tricks used to get around them — unlike in the arcade machine there is no frame buffer, and the functionality of the hardware sprites is severely constrained on the Videopac. The development of the port was done on real hardware with a home-made USB-connected game cartridge.

2021-07-10, 19:00 online in Update's lecture room
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Everything about Update and our activities is on Update's wiki (in Swedish).

If you want to donate hardware, books or other computer related things, please contact us.

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